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Bolivia’s freedom ef expression under threat by ruling ochlocracy!

El Deber and EFE reports on political persecution and threats to freedom of speech!


IAPA condemns intimidation to a journalist

Marianela Montenegro said that the channel was raided for criticizing the Government

2013-11-20 08.16.48 amThe Inter American Press Association (IAPA, SIP in Spanish) yesterday denounced the acts of “intimidation and persecution” of Bolivian authorities against the journalist, Marianela Montenegro, at the time that called for guarantees of security for her and her family.

This is the second time in eight days that the SIP is pronounced to condemn pressure on media in Bolivia. On Tuesday 12th, warned of a campaign of intimidation against EL DEBER and condemned threats of retaliation made by the municipal Government of Santa Cruz against the newspaper.

On the last statement of the IAPA – SIP, the Vice Minister of Communicational Management [Gestión Comunicacional], Sebastián Michel, avoided to say anything because there was no relationship with the journalist.


Montenegro, journalist and owner of channel 33 of Cochabamba, denounced on Friday 8th, at the headquarters of the IAPA in Miami, that she has been ‘baited and threatened’ and her channel raided on two occasions in retaliation for her criticism against the ruling party. The complaint was also filed with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

November 20, 2012, police officers and the authority of control and Social Control of telecommunications and transport (ATT), burst violently into the channel and at her home for alleged breaches on the regulations of the Agency.

The President of Commission of press freedom of the IAPA – SIP, Claudio Paolillo, condemned “the campaign of intimidation against the journalist who seems to be part of a formal strategy to silence critics” and called for investigation into allegations of Montenegro


Position of the IAPA – SIP

The Secretary of press freedom of the IAPA – SIP, Claudio Paolillo, said that the Government is choking economically the [Bolivian] media

RAID with evidence

The intrusion on channel 33 was captured by a security camera.


Frustrating, infuriating but sadly true… this is the “change” that ruling ochlocracy  displays…