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While bonuses are thrown away… Bolivian potato producers face bankruptcy!

ERBOL reports in La Prensa:


2013-11-21 09.00.03 amSanta Cruz. The President of the Federation of vegetable and fruit growers (Fedehfrut), Nue Moron, reported yesterday [11/17/13] that Santa Cruz’s Potato farmers went bankrupt due to the low cost of the tuber in the market and by three frosts that ruined crops.

He said that “the producers are broken. Since last year, the farmer sells the potato between Bs12 and 18, but the real cost of production is Bs26”. Errol


In the meantime, current ochlocracy in power is giving away bonuses with funds that DO NOT belong to them… in a desperate attempt to continue in government… relentlessly pushing for the illegitimate re-re-election of the  coca-growers leader…