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The so-called 2013 “black October” was merely a coup d’etat!!

Roberto Navia reports for El Deber:


Alexandra Sánchez de Lozada: “There are confessions of Evo and Alvaro on the coup d’etat of October 2003”

Daughter of former President Gonzalo Sánchez De Lozada

2013-11-04 07.51.32 amAlexandra Sánchez de Lozada, the daughter of the former President, spoke with EL DEBER from the United States on the events of October 2003 and directly accused President Evo Morales of plotting against a constitutional Government. A few days ago a journalistic version ensured that Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada tried to commit suicide during the conflict, speculation that Alexandra flatly refused and described as baseless fiction. Now join his father in the United States.

10 Years of the events of October, do you perceive what happened?

It’s been 10 years and I do not understand why the MAS is still hiding the hand when already there are enough confessions of Felipe Quispe, Evo Morales and Álvaro García Linera on how the coup of October 2003 was organized. The accusations and attacks of the MAS to Goni are part of a strategy to hide the real reason for October, which was and still is to do away with democracy, with the rights of citizens, with the institutional framework.

The former President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada interpreted at the time as a coup, still thinking the same?

For me it is very clear that it was a coup, a few days ago the [current] Minister Carlos Romero said that since January 2003 Evo worked to put an end to the Government of Goni and the neoliberal model, achieved the first, but not the second because the most important reforms of Goni continues. I am proud that today Bolivia has Popular participation, Bonosol, SUMI, single-members of the Congress [uninominales], and although the Government denies it, continues the capitalization.

Do you think that it can return to Bolivia one day with his father, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada?

What most worries the Bolivians is that the road to democracy has been blocked by Evo, not if Evo blocked the return of Goni.

Goni knows that he cannot be extradited, is because he has U.S. citizenship?

In my opinion the reason why it is not viable an extradition is because no President can be judged for ordering to restore the order and defend citizens. Neither in Bolivia nor in the United States this is crime. What is a crime is that a President order personally to kill, as Evo Morales confessed, immediately after the operation of the Las Americas Hotel.

Do you see the Government of Morales from United States?

In a nutshell, in Bolivia to be an opponent to Evo has become a crime against humanity. This great change, the installation of a dictatorship with new instruments of repression such as the Judicial Courts.

How did you take the sentence of the trial for the so-called black October?

History will absolve the five generals of the Republic who acted according to the Constitution and the laws.

Unfortunately few people understood that the trial was not only about Goni, but that this trial of responsibilities was the genesis of the prosecution, there were developed the techniques that later the same governmental actors used against any opponent.