Negative behaviors against Bolivian economy!

An interesting and important Editorial from El Diario:

Negative behaviors against the economy

El Diario logoIn a poor and underdeveloped country like ours, it is almost impossible that all social strata are happy with what the authorities do, and these, in turn, can not do everything that is required by the different communities in the country; however, it is fair to acknowledge that there were successes in recent years to meet certain requirements of municipal governments and people’s’ civic organizations, where throughout several governments, had demanded the execution of works.

What it has failed to the Government, since its inception in January 2006, is not planning properly what to do; not accommodate that planning budgets previously defined or have demanded tender for carrying out works, as they establish the laws. These factors have determined two realities: first, that communities have not been satisfied their requirements and, second, that corruption sometimes inserted its claws into budgets, so far as that on many occasions are those communities which have denounced, contrary to their interests.

What has happened in the past with the law on Popular participation is precisely what happens in these times: approved law and budgets fixed so that municipalities and towns meet their work requirements, have not designated legal steps, have not done due awards and have less control over what was done. The result was negative and to this is added the presence of corruption, because there were several cases in which municipal officials took control of budgets and previously attended their personal needs to then, with low balances, start works that were not completed.

The law on Popular participation was one of the most effective legal provisions of the Governments of the MNR; but the absence of controls, leaving it to the free  will, and necessary works were made or not, it has meant that “the just one suffers in open coffers”.

Now, compared to what happened in previous Governments, there is money of free availability; what are missing are controls, planning and realization of works that actually benefit communities, departments and cities, because it has been shown that the follow-ups are not always that effective, what do city councils and to a less extent, those civic organizations which are mostly indifferent and unwilling to intervene. This lack of planning, lack of controls and lack of efficiency in officials, are attacks on the country’s economy and gives as a result that many works are started, but not concluded, much of the projected may not be carried out and, finally, make works that benefit very partial and circumstantially to the people. When the requirements are much greater and important.

In a word: ochlocracy

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