12 year-old kid wins national Story contest!!

There is great future for Antonio Javier Chavez, congrats and welcome to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!!

From HoyBolivia.com:

12 years old kid wins national Story Contest

2013-03-20 08.49.19 amAntonio Javier Chávez won first place in a literary contest in which 131 authors participated, many of them consecrated authors and that doubled or tripled his age. The jury was composed by renowned writers Isabel Mesa, Homero Carvalho and Sarah Mansilla.

“I read the call and as there is no age limit to participate, I decided I was going to present a story.” In this way, Antonio Javier Chávez responds when asked how it was that he was encouraged to participate in the first contest of children’s stories based on Bolivian myths and legends.

The answer might not have greater relevance. However, it acquires another connotation when Javier confirms that he has just 12 years of age. And relevance is most evident when the jury of the contest, organized by the Centro Cultural Simón I. Patiño de Santa Cruz, has chosen him as the winner of a contest in which participated more than 131 authors of Bolivia, many of them already established authors or which in some cases doubled or treble the age of Antonio.

The story of Antonio, “The birthday of the chieftain”, was chosen as the best by a jury formed by authors of the calibers of Sarah Mansilla, Isabel Mesa and Homero Carvalho.

“As a jury, we review the tales and did not know who were the authors, since the only reference that we had were the pseudonyms of each work. No doubt that it has been a pleasant surprise that a 12-year-old boy is the winner, taking into account the quality and the level of the authors who participated. “That has won a child, seems to me a marvel, because who more than a child to tell a story to another child”, said Carvalho, shortly before the presentation ceremony of the winners, held the night of Monday, February 4 at the Centro Simón I. Patiño Santa Cruz.

For Antonio, born in Sucre on year 2000 and based in Santa Cruz six years ago, it was not difficult to find the inspiration that enabled him to write his story. “I lived in Beni for a year and a half. There I had a lot of contact with nature and also heard much from myths and legends of the area,”explains the small author, who has just started its classes in the seventh grade of Internacional de la Sierra highschool .

The prize awarded by the Centro Patiño ($300 and the publication of the work in a book) is the first given to Antonio, who says that his passion for the letters is a family heirloom. His parents are Gabriel Chávez and Paura Rodríguez, both poets and journalists. Antonio is also great-nephew of the poet and singer Matilde Casazola, and grandson of Jaime Mendoza and Roberto Leytón novelists.

The second place in the contest was for the writer Liliana de la Quintana, who resides in La Paz. She participated with the work “The Party of life”.

The third place went to Jory Montaño, who participated with the “Nuvinti” story, from Cochabamba.

“Is based on a story that as a child I was told by my grandmother, who tells how children who die without being baptized are in a kind of limbo,” says Montano, of 36 years.

The jury also decided to give four mentions. The same went to Carolina Maldonado (Odyssey to a lost city), Mónica Mariel Salazar (laguna Isireri), Angélica Guzmán (the legend of the tiluchi) and Cristin Callejas Diaz (the voice that whispers).

The first three places received $300 dollars as a reward.

In addition, their works next to the four who received mentions will be published in a book that will be presented in June this year, in the framework of the international book fair of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

(Press release: Rodriguez and Baudoin)


I find special pleasure and pride to publish good news, instead of the usual crap that current national government, delivers day after day… Kudos to all those authors who capture our Bolivian escence!!

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