A Bolivian inventor, Mario Rodas patented machines to make bread

We need this type of news!!! Instead of the sorry performance of current demagogue central government…

Igor Ruiz Zelada writes for El Deber:


Patented industrial machines for the manufacture of bread

With the support of his two sons Mario Rodas became a prosperous business, which uses national inputs.

2013-03-10 09.47.50 amBread is the ancient daily food for much of humanity. To facilitate its development in the city, the camireno [camireño, person from Camiri] Mario Rodas Gonzales (60), since 1989, manufactures rubbing and mixer machines that are successful and that [other people] have tried to copy and sell as if they were Brazilian [technology and made in] and at three times its cost.

Rodas, since was very young, learned the trades of carpentry and mechanics, but in adulthood saw that the business of repair of machines for making bread was profitable, became interested in industrial design in a self-taught way and now shares his workshop, which has been called Guarani, with their children, Marcelo and Daniel, and employs three people.

This tireless man in his youth joined a musical group called Los Jayas (spicy in quechua) their native Camiri, having traveled in various locations in the Bolivian Chaco. One of his fellow bohemians was Victor Gil, who now works as a carpenter in the small factory, located in the London street of the “10 de Mayo” neighborhood.


With the economic contribution of Enrique Cabrera of the bakery Warnes, don Mario made his first rubbing [sobadora] machine in 1989. He was also helped by Luis Alberto Mora, Chiquitana bakery, and by Pascual Crapuzzi, that have entrusted him with the maintenance of their facilities.

Then made mixers for 20, 30 and 50 kilograms of flour and dividing machines used by many of the local bakeries and provinces, as well as in Villa Tunari, Villa Montes, Sucre, Potosí and Cochabamba.

Facing the danger of his ideas being copied, Rodas just processed and obtained a patent for his creation to the national service of intellectual property (Senapi). “Those who buy me a machine, have guaranteed the maintenance and repair, I have a list of loyal customers,” said.

Guarani workshop also receives as part of payment, some obsolete machines that can continue working after being remodeled and reinforced. “We overhaul machines per baker’s requirement, depending on speed, ability or comfort and with one year warranty,” he said.

2013-03-10 10.05.12 am

Machines in use. At the bakery Ya Ye Yu, all machines were made at the Guarani workshop, which is responsible for their maintenance.

2013-03-10 10.10.43 amFamily business. The small factory shared with his children.




I welcome Mario Rodas Gonzales to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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