Current Bolivian gov continues to disregard international agreements and engages in demagogue practices…

It is unfortunate and embarrassing that current Bolivian government continues to fail to honor international agreements. Not only fails to comply with diplomacy standards, failing to give the safe-conduct to Senator Roger Pinto; but now also wants to confront the world in coca related matters; and its message to the Bolivian public sounds more like demagogue than probable international outcome, not by December, not even if hell freezes, the JIFE could not allow that to happen.

ANF reports and appears in El Deber:

Bolivia waiting for a free pass to coca chewing by December

The mandatary stressed that the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB, JIFE in Spanish) has no arguments for the criminalization of the coca leaf.

President Evo Morales in a concentration of Yungas coca producers announced that coca consumption, awaits for a December international approval to make legal through the coca chewing.

“In December we will have good news because they have no arguments neither United States nor capitalist countries to continue penalizing the coca leaf”, announced President Morales in the town of Coripata, to a massive concentration of coca growers.

Bolivia by own decision is out, since January [of 2012] from the 1961 Convention, an agreement on narcotic drugs that was adopted in the Austrian city of Vienna.

“I am sure we will win at the international level on the legal consumption of the coca leaf in Bolivia in December of this year.” “This fight will continue of course,” he added.

Bolivia chose to denounce the Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 and request membership, reserving the right to coca chewing. [plain demagogue after all, our current president and current coca leader believes, or wants us to believe, that the world revolves around him…, Bolivian citizens are misled and continue to receive all that propaganda… had Goebbels be around, he wold be proud of these maneuverings…]

The 1961 Convention orders to prohibit completely the chewing of the leaf for a period of 25 years [which never happened]. But the 1988 document calls for measures to prevent coca plantations, but warns that traditional uses must be respected. [confusing, yes but compromises still pending on our side, the international arena has a very close eye on our coca-cocaine production; Bolivia might not consider or acknowledge the damage that cocaine does to our people, but the rest of the world certainly has a main concern and wants to control narcotrafficking and drug addiction]

Bolivia with Colombia and Peru are the world’s largest producers of the coca leaf and cocaine production.


The following cartoons reflect our ordeal:

This is from La Prensa, June 15, 2012:

A cartoon “hero” with a red poncho, that represents some radical indigenous groups in the highlands of Bolivia, that strongly support current government.

This cartoon represents the person who was appointed directly by current government to perform as one of the Supreme Court Judges, when he stated that “not any dude can read on coca” when in an interview he said his rulings are based on the lecture of coca leaves, rather than applying existing laws.

This is from La Prensa, June 18, 2012:

Portraying the lower chamber of congress, now Assembly, and their ‘interpretation”:

“the coca [leaf] is better than laws”

While the rest of the world embarks fully in this 21st century, engaging in a more civilized rule of law, our country is handled by people who wants us to pull back to the ancient history. Times when there was an Inca emperor who cared less for his people. Coca was used initially fy royalty and then given to hard workers, so they would not feel hunger, exhaustion and kept on working for the emperor, long before the Spaniards came to this part of the Americas.

Please remember Colombia and their struggle for over 40 years and how Afghanistan has changed by the drug lords, we simply have to continue to fight over this drug. Not only money laundering and narco violence kills our people but we are undermining our labor force and the base of our households, we must continue to reject the use of the coca, as it gives nothing more than an excuse for illegal and violent business.

The excuse of tradition of the coca chewing by some of our population only disguises the real evil inside it. Even coca tea was proven to have cocaine inside, as FIFA ruled out on a Bolivian and a Brazilian soccer played, some time ago, so there is no reason to support this malady.

Current president gives this kind of speech, to confuse Bolivian people, he intends to attack the USA and the capitalism, while he supports the coca trade and production which follows pure capitalistic practices. He intends to portray a common enemy… isn’t that just plain demagogue?

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  1. Boliviana says:

    The mayority of Bolivians we do not chew coca, President Morales wants it legalized because he is a coca farmer, it is not an part of the culture, the Inca only permited Shammans to chew in special ceremonies before human sacrificies, this is a narcotic issue, When coca is chewed with the ash with the salive the alcaloid enters the body, slowing hunger, killing brain cells.
    In a survey in Bolivia alomost 90% voted against a disgusting habit. Chewing and spitting only to make coca farmers richer and more producction of cocaine.

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