Bolivian gov failed to take Santa Cruz Governor out of office… the struggle continues

This cartoon is from La Razon, July 6, 2012. Ruben Costas is portrayed as an endangered opposition species.

El Deber reports on its website, July 28 2012:

Costas keeps his office and his case passes to the Constitution Committee

With 14 votes to nine, the case of the Governor Rubén Costas Aguilera was assigned to the Constitution Commission of the departmental Legislative Assembly of Santa Cruz. The ruling was that the authority is not suspended as it was pretended by the movement toward socialism (MAS).

With this determination, the Constitutional Commission will examine the case of the Governor and in the term of 15 days, shall issue a report to the public prosecutor’s Office. Costas is accused of embezzling Bs10,000,000 for the realization of the referendum on adoption of the autonomy statute, for Santa Cruz, May 4, 2008.

The Commission is composed of Rose Mary Sandoval (Chairperson), Lilian Justiniano (Secretariat) and Edwin Muñoz (vocal). The first two are form the Truth and Social Democracy party (green), while Muñoz is from the ranks of the MAS.

This afternoon, the ones who do not cast their votes were of the Indigenous Caucus. Five members left the meeting, 10 minutes before the fate of the Governor was defined. “We retreated to not be part of the illegality,” said Wilson Añez, head of the indigenous groups.

While the next 15 days may be full of surprises, it is somehow puzzling the way the indigenous groups are playing their politics with the government. Just this Friday 27th, the indigenous people fought among each other to occupy the offices of CIDOB. The TIPNIS “prior consultation” will start this Sunday 29th and if they did not want to openly go against their former ally, the ruling party MAS, it reflects how politics is played in Bolivia, each is fighting for their survival while the main objective which is autonomy is relegated…

Lets not forget Ruben Costas is the only remaining elected governor of the opposition in office. One is in jail (Pando), without a clear judicial process, another one sought political asylum (Tarija) in Paraguay and another one was pushed out of office (Beni). Before they were Governors, the Prefects of La Paz and Chuquisaca were also pushed out by the MAS, the political party who has coca growers as their main supporters, and current president is also leader of those coca growers of the Chapare.

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