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Current Bolivian central gov continues its harassment practices… to say the least!

Manfredo Kempff Suarez writes for El Deber:

The harassment continues

Manfredo KempffTo Ernesto Suárez, the Government had it is sworn for over a while, as it has it is sworn to Ruben Costas and had it to Leopoldo Fernández. Three annoying opponents who joins Senator Roger Pinto and dozens of prisoners and exiles who stood up to the hatred of the masistas. As if this out shortly, to finish with those who do not obey H.E. [his excellency], the plurinational State has fallen on top of El Diario from La Paz, an effort to close it without dissimulation, has told Minister Quintana, if it does not pay a monumental fiscal debt that El Diario denies it owes and that the Government reiterates.

But Ernesto Suárez is what today is at stake, politically, because it was scheduled for yesterday (Friday) a hearing in which precautionary measures could apply, in good romance, jail. If it was like that (I write on Thursday) it will have committed an aggression more as a product of intolerance and the infringement of the law, because the crime of Ernesto has been to be undefeated in the Beni, as undefeated in Pando is Leopoldo. Those who cannot be subdued in urns are punished in prisons. That is the law of this sui generis democracy, what should note is another undefeated: Governor Rubén Costas.

Happens that there is an incredible resignation among the people who are opposed to the MAS. Citizens see how people go to La Paz dungeons or in exile, the greatest leaders and it seems that it is as to hear rain fell. The worst thing that can happen is that some Bolivians may have become accustomed to be humbled. That would be the end of everything. Because, that we know of, who fight in the streets and fields, over trifles in addition, they are the masistas, the only ones who are strong in this country.

They have sent me a thought that is to make you shake: “a nation of sheep begets a Government of wolves”. Is such fatality not occurring us? Because, does very little still, opposition came out to the streets to protest, and if had to deal with the pushers did. Not now. Now the masters of the streets and roads are unknown subjects, strange, owners of rockets, sticks and stones. Guys who lay their hand over to somebody, if not the garrote blow or the scratching.

If they incarcerate Ernesto Suárez, they will remove from us a leader of true value. The Government will repeat that it has not moved a finger, that it’s all a thing of justice. And we fear that cowardly people will look at it, silently.