Bolivian biologist Erika Cuellar receives an award! [updated 5/18/13]

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There are reasons to be proud!! This time one of our own, won an international prize for her work with the guanaco, see this link for more pictures, [For a Spanish news update, Nov/14/12 from Pagina Siete, click here]

El Deber reports:

London Agencies

The Bolivian biologist Erika Cuellar was awarded yesterday [June 13, 2012] in London for her work to preserve the guanacos in the Gran Chaco of Bolivia, the wild ancestor of the llama that is in danger of extinction.

Cuéllar is one of the five winners of the Rolex Awards to the Initiative, announced yesterday the British Academy, that every two years recognizes the work of researchers in the field of science, environment and technology.

“I am very happy to receive this important award in the United Kingdom, which will allow me to continue to work in the conservation of the guanaco,” explained Cuéllar on the award endowed with 85,000 euros and shares with experts from USA, Kenya, Russia and Australia.

During the last decade, this biologist of 41 years has focused her studies on the guanaco, one of the two camelids of South America, which is in danger of extinction by poaching and mismanagement of its original Habitat, the South American Great Chaco.

According to Cuellar, in Bolivia there are less than 200 guanacos, figure is even lower in Paraguay.

In recent years, the guanaco has disappeared from the Bolivian ‘altiplano’ [highlands], where used to be a common specie, and the last specimens are found in the boundaries of the National Park of Kaa-lya.


– With the prize, Cuellar plans to train Guarani people in Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay so that they become engaged in the conservation of the guanaco.

– The project includes the creation of a corridor between Bolivia and Argentina for their population of guanacos to communicate.

– The five winners of the Rolex award, endowed each with 83,260 euros, the award will be collected in November in New Delhi [India].

Kudos for Erika Cuellar, she belongs to The Hall of Bolivian Fame

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