Bolivia’s biggest problem!

This cartoon is from El Diario, January 11, 2012. It shows how our current government does not do their work, for which they were elected: there is a big fight going on between members of the ruling party (MAS) at the summit, that is the meeting where they decided to take over the functions of the National Assembly and of the ministers (read technical), so they “can decide” what to do with our country… in the mean time, the economic crisis, which can explode any minute now. To make things worse, the common citizen is crushed by the economic problems and also those individuals and social movements that know very little on how to help or govern a country, everyone just looks for their supremacy and survival. While the rest of us, are crushed by them.

The economic crisis is worldwide and while we see other countries making decision, changing leaders to confront the situation, here the few, arrogant party members of a government which lacks long term vision and pragmatism are still lost on the minutia of their little world.

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Senior managerial experience on sustainable development projects.

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