Bolivian public safety failure and escalating crime rates

Over the years, public safety has decreased at an alarming rate! The worst happens in beautiful Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Not only drug trafficking has brought violence to our streets, drug addicts commit felonies and are obviously more violent.

The cartoon from El Diario, January 9, 2012 portrays our sad and frustrating reality. Crime rates from national and foreign criminals have escalated so much, that there is no single TV news program, who daily has to report on robberies, thefts and injured or death civilians from all ages and gender. Police work is highly questionable, politicians promise to solve this, even army soldiers were mobilized, but probably only because the media was present at that time. Public safety is nonexistent, and Santa Cruz is unfortunately the worst example.

Autonomy looked at solving this, but a centralized police force, lots of high ranking officers in desk jobs and few policemen on the streets are a reality that has not changed in the last thirty years or so, continue to offer little help to the citizen who has been mugged, injured or killed. Government puts on the streets dozens of police when there are strikes or blockades, police is used primarily to protect a current government. That is why public safety, police who should be after thieves, murderers, relentlessly and not subject to political orders, like the sad and violent aggression to the TIPNIS protest walk group, last year.


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