Bolivia is exposed and is vulnerable to the international economic crisis

Los Tiempos issued a report that warns about the international economic crisis, despite the continuing positive governmental statements that our economy is “armored,” this article reflects on important information, for full Spanish article please use link below:

More than the 55 percent of Bolivian exports has as destination countries that, if all forecasts are met, will continue to be affected or will have a slow down this year by the crisis of the public debt in Europe and United States.

Directly and indirectly, Bolivian sales abroad would be affected. Brazil, the main partner of the country, is closely linked to Europe and Asia, as well as Argentina. United States is the third destination for our domestic products and in recent years foreign trade with Asian countries, particularly China, has grown to a large extent.

In addition, other minor partners, as Chile, are much more exposed by its relations with Asia, continent who sell especially their raw materials. If the Asian giants fail to demand it is possible that markets for Bolivian products will also do the same and therefore buy less of the country.

In other words, if our current government remains in the limbo, we as families and our private sector must take some precautions like finding new markets, diversify or slow down your production and try reducing personnel in a “less conflicting and peaceful manner.” With regard to our domestic/family finances, well use your income more wisely, pay your loans, sped less on luxury goods, attend less concerts and spend vacation inside Bolivia and holidays home. Save for the education of your children, have a good health plan and pray for a better government. And for those of you that with lots of sacrifice are sending monies home, avoid sending the last iPhone, laptop, or other goods, instead save for the hard difficult times that are ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Bolivia is exposed and is vulnerable to the international economic crisis

  1. I wouln’t trust Los tiempos much, they are heavy pro chilean, owners have chilean relatives, and are anti governmment, as an example they banned comments, a very popular segment. they are almost equal to eju.v nowadays, lost all cred.

    1. The reason MOST newspapers banned comments or at least they request proper identification is because current government laws left the door open for censorship. Do not forget that there are people imprisoned or fled the country because of that persecution. One of the excuses is the so called “racism” which only gets enforced if it is in the interest of some politician. Regarding Los Tiempos, I’d say they are a company with links/agreements with other national and international media that they can not be as “biased” as you suggest, thank you.

  2. I disagree, that’s just caving in to government pressure, there are other media like, La Razon, etc that still have readers comment/opinions despite being heavily against government, If you read Los tiempos and compare it to other national papers you can clearly see that they cherry pick their what to report, specially when it deals with the government or Chile. You know ha the consul general from Chile is related to Los tiempos and is heavliy lobbying for Bolivia not to go to litigation how shameful is that?, Can you provide an example of where a case of racism has been enforced? I travel all over Bolivia and Believe me the most racist Bolivians are from the east, using derogatory colla this and that, like it was a sport. This is prevalent nowhere else and this is never an issue for the regional leaders.

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