Bolivian ministers with very low acceptance

Pagina Siete makes public the results of a poll conducted by IPSOS, regarding public opinion’s on current government ministers acceptance, 45% voted “none of them”:

When respondents were consulted by who is the “best” inside the Cabinet Minister of Evo Morales, 45% said that “none” and another 22% abstained from comment.

None of the members of the main advisers of the President team managed a preference higher than 5%.

The study of opinion was conducted between December 8 and 18 last year. 805 people, all adults, were interviewed in the cities most populated of Bolivia: La Paz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, El Alto and Cochabamba.

The sociologist Pablo Mamani said that these results are a reflection of the mistakes of the Government in the handling of conflicts, like  the protest march by the TIPNIS. The analyst noted that the most important shortcomings of current government were made by the political Cabinet.

In total, 67% of respondents did not want to elect a member of the Cabinet as the “best Minister”, among which noted “none” and those who preferred not to deliver a response. [people are afraid to say anything against this government, just remember there are over 600 Bolivians who had to flee the country for political persecution and of course for lack of a clean and impartial Justice system]

The low qualification obtained by the advisers of Evo Morales coincides with the disapproval of the presidential management. In December of last year, according to IPSOS, 53% of the population failed [flunked] the Government of the MAS.

December 26, 2011, Pagina Siete published a report which stated that the popularity of the head of State had been reduced by half in two years. [for that presidential performance, please go to this link:]

For the full Spanish article on ministers’ acceptance, please use this link:

Long time ago, earlier in the beginning of this government, current president used to say that he preferred to see his ministers being questioned, for him that meant they were doing their job. Before this government, when a similar situation arose on a given minister, either by public opinion pressure or through Congressional questioning, the president at that time made sure to make the appropriate changes.

Now, is different, some analysts say that is because the government is powerful enough so they take no feedback and go on as they please; other analysts say that current government is so selfish and arrogant that they do not even pay attention to this acceptance polls; and others say that there are no “loyal” party members who ‘deserve’ to be named as ministers.

In any case, Bolivian society has expressed their disapproval at a time when international economic crisis deserves solid professionals to manage the Bolivian government.

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