TIPNIS and CIDOB start a trial against current Bolivian president

El deber reports about the TIPNIS ongoing fight to protect their territory and to protect a national park which belongs to all of us; for full Spanish article, please use link below:

The Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB) yesterday announced the start of a responsibility trial to President Evo Morales: for violation of human rights; because it promotes the progress of the South Indigenous Council (CONISUR) of Cochabamba, which demands to abolish the short law that protects the Isiboro Sécure National Park (TIPNIS), and the indigenous territory from the construction of the portion of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos, the segment (2nd) that attempted to cut in half the TIPNIS.

The leader of the indigenous Peoples of the Lowland, Adolfo Chávez, explained that the resolution was taken at a meeting in which the representatives of the CIDOB Foundation, the Moxeños Central of Ethnic Peoples from Beni (CPEMB) and the TIPNIS sub-central were gathered.

“In a State of law, the laws that are enacted are binding, and like it or not the Authority (of the Executive Body), has an obligation to enforce;” “therefore, the (Morales) President and his cabinet do not respect the law and by not doing it, this country becomes more vulnerable in terms of the infringement and violation of human rights,” said Vargas.

The Minister of the Presidency, Carlos Romero, rejected the decision of the indigenous people, denied that the Executive will drive/support this mobilization (CONISUR) and warned that the conflict over the future of the road is in the hands of the regions.


In this regard, I have received some emails from the supporters of CONISUR, badmouthing CIDOB, TIPNIS, accusing the American Imperialism and “powerful NGOs.” It is worth remembering that long before this government happened to step in the government of Bolivia, the TIPNIS and other national parks, biospheres, management integrated areas were protected by Law. No one should have stepped inside and those ecosystems were going to be protected, as long as Bolivia remains a nation. Under this government, Laws created gave even more responsibility and autonomy to the Indigenous Peoples living inside or next to a park. So, it is unreasonable to keep continuing to affect/destroy the TIPNIS. The road between Cochabamba-Beni will be built, but NOT through the TIPNIS.

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