A song by Octavia nominated for best song 2011!!

Pagina Siete reported on December 15, 2011 about great news for Bolivian rock!! I urge you to vote in favor!!

The song Bienvenido (welcome), by Octavia national rock band, was nominated in the category best song 2011 for RadioCAN Awards, the radio station of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) on the internet.

The song by Octavia competes with Bendito corazón, from Gusi & Beto (Colombia); Sendas distintas, from Juan Fernando Velasco (Ecuador); Tu perdición, from Jorge (Perú); Pechito corazón, from Proyecto Kuska (Perú); and Lo que tú necesitas, de Jorge Celedón y Jimmy Zambrano (Colombia).

The winning song will be chosen by the public via the internet. The site is http://radiocan.comunidadandina.org. The vote will take place until January 8. And then winners will be announced.

Bienvenido, which is part of their disk Medular (spinal cord), was composed in 2008. This theme is part of the campaign live, sow peace of the United Nations.

“The theme explains that we are a diverse country but we are United by a sense: the Bolivian being”, said Simón Lujan, Member of Octavia, in an interview with Pagina Siete.

Luján recalled the song was written when the Bolivians were having serious conflicts in 2008.

Another of the motivations that has influenced the creation of the song was to reflect the welcome they received , as musicians at each of their concerts.

“We highlight in this song the experience of all our trips by Bolivia and the acceptance of the people”, said Luján.


If you did not listen to the song, … yet, here it is! and I truly hope they win!!

Bienvenido by Octavia

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