Potosi roads blocked this Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2014-08-15 10.17.40 amThe Advisory Council of the Potosi Civic Committee (Comcipo) declared a strike for Tuesday, November 22, in demand for the implementation of the agreements signed more than one year ago with the Government, and by the lack of settlement of the border conflict that keeps with the Department of Oruro, as reported by radio Fides.
Johnny Llalle, ruling civic leader, reported that regional institutions and the herders of Coroma decided to resume protest demonstrations this week.
“Taking into account that there is a unity Pact and that nobody can move away from it, any measure we take has to be jointly so no one goes the other way, that is why Coroma has asked that the departmental strike be carried out on Tuesday.
The herders of Coroma are mobilized and are seeking support from all the provinces of Potosi, for what they understand, is in defence of the departmental territory. They also decided not to attend another call for negotiation with the Central Government, arguing that previous meetings did not solve regional requests.
Esteban López, indigenous Coroma authority, said “I do not understand, I think that the times we are trying to make (a dialogue), is detrimental to us, for the two departments. For me there is no time, we should expect the mobilizations.”
The civic announced that measures will harden if there is no response to their demands.
Pagina Siete quotes PAT as the source for the Government call to a meeting will not happen, is because both Potosi and Oruro Civic Committees decided not to attend.
Although, the official word is that the Governors of both departments asked to postpone it,
So, please take your previsions, if you are in Sucre, Tarija you will not be able to reach Oruro, La Paz. From Cochabamba you could reach Sucre through Aiquile, or from Sucre to Santa Cruz through Totora-Episana. If you have questions on other alternatives, just feel free to ask me.
This type of events add a little adventure to your visit, try to enjoy, OK?

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