TIPNIS in between scape goats and intangibility

These two cartoons pretty much outline what is going on in the lives of the TIPNIS people, after their 66-day-walk ordeal.

From El Diario (11/14/11),  a government official is pointing the “suspects” to the Attorney General and is saying: “Here Mr. Attorney..! One of these is the one who gave the order for the repression on the marchers..! take your pick!” After the brutal aggression the TIPNIS protest-walk group had to endure, public opinion keeps looking after a sound and transparent trial to find and punish the guilty authorities that ordered such repression. As you can see this cartoon is not only humor but a sad reality of how “hard and tenaciously” the government is going after this sad incident.

This other cartoon is from La Razon (11/17/11); a lonely apple which could also be interpreted as the forbidden fruit or a bone of contention. In any case, this poor apple is surrounded by all sorts of hungry insects; one of them is saying: “We will look after its intangibility…” Which is pretty much what some players around the TIPNIS are saying. It is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So, do you think the indigenous people of the TIPNIS feel safe? do they understand why current Bolivian president keeps on adding fuel to the fire?

And furthermore, do you think other indigenous groups from the lowlands living inside protected areas, or integrated management zones feel secure?

A lot of ifs, and the president keeps with the same tone and message… sad isn’t it?

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