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Comcipo maintains indefinite general strike in Potosí

Radio Fides reports:

The meeting between the Government and the Potosinist Civic Committee (Comcipo) this morning failed to suspend the indefinite general strike in Potosí that today enters its eighth day. The president of the civic entity, Marco Antonio Pumari, told the Fides radio morning coffee program that “the indefinite general strike continues.”

He explained that the future of pressure measures will be determined by the council planned for the next few days, so he and the other leaders who went on a hunger strike in La Paz will return to Potosí.

“We have decided with the strikers to retreat to Potosí to participate in the town hall, I will return to Potosí to submerge the command of what the council will be and based on those determinations we will assume actions again,” he said.

In addition, he said that they will wait for a response from the Government to their demands, the main request is the repeal of Supreme Decree 3738 and that the true industrialization of lithium be consolidated.

Pumari expressed his objections to the meeting with President Evo Morales and ministers and vice ministers. “They have not even let us manifest and explain, because if we go to a dialogue, we understand the following: I say my position and you tell me your position and we have to explain,” he said.

“There has not been that predisposition to say what your problem is or justify your problem, why you are mobilizing, you have been told that it is not the first time, that it is six months that we are mobilized and if we are in La Paz it is the responsibility of their ministers and the worst thing is that the deputy ministers have denied that we have sent notes requesting information about it,” he said.

Radio Fides / La Paz


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Potosi just had enough with this autocrat, the photo below shows that evo and his VP had to flee on motorcycles, as a result that their vehicles’ tires were punctured, they flee towards the helicopter, watch the video by clicking on this photo …