The equivalent of TWO Belgiums has already been burned in Bolivia

Pagina Siete reports:

The equivalent of all Cochabamba has already been burned

Two million hectares lost are forests. Photo: Soyelgas / Pagina Siete

According to the most recent report of the Friends of Nature Foundation (FAN), the equivalent of the entire extension of Cochabamba or double of Belgium has already been consumed by fire.

The report established that 5.3 million hectares of pastures and forests have been burned in the country since the beginning of the fires. Between September 15 and 25, 120 thousand hectares burned daily, which shows that the environmental tragedy has not been controlled. In August, the hectares burned were 105 thousand daily.

The figure of 5.3 million hectares has increased and if it followed the rate of 120 thousand, the area burned until October 1 would already be six million.

In any case, 5.3 million hectares equals 53,000 square kilometers, comparable to the Cochabamba extension, which is 55,631 square kilometers. The departments of Oruro and Chuquisaca have a similar extension.

The extent of Belgium is 30,530 square kilometers, about half of what has been burned in the country so far.

Of the lost hectares, two million are from forests and the rest of the grasslands, FAN reported. Only in forests have the equivalent of the extension of Israel (22,070 square kilometers) or El Salvador (21,040) been burned

Most of this area is concentrated in Santa Cruz, with approximately 3.9 million hectares (73%); followed by Beni, with more than 1.2 million ha (23%), says the report.

The most affected municipalities in Santa Cruz are: San Matías (836,498 ha), San Ignacio de Velasco (640,106), Charagua (506,594), Concepción (384,445), Puerto Suárez (289,235), San José de Chiquitos (265,943) and San Rafael (254,434).


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