Fire uncovered land division in Chiquitania

El Diario reports:

Assigned for intercultural settlements

  • National Unit regretted that the Government has not identified those responsible for the transfer of coca growers and intercultural for the slash-and-burn that led to the biggest ecological disaster in Santa Cruz
  • Communities received resolutions approving settlements from INRA until March, although the institution denied that permits have been given. President Evo Morales said he will identify those responsible

Photographs published by social networks show the distribution of land for human settlements in eastern Bolivia.

The fires of magnitude registered in Chiquitania uncovered the issue of land distribution in eastern Bolivia, destined for intercultural settlement with approval of the National Agrarian Reform Institute (INRA), although it denied that settlement permits were granted in the areas of the fire incidents, but the resolutions issued since March contradict it.

Between 11 and 17 March, INRA delivered resolutions approving settlements to the so-called “intercultural communities”, social sectors of colonizers, landless movements and unionized unions allied to the Evo Morales regime, which since 2006 are organized to achieve lands in the valleys, east and amazon of the country, according to the publication of Visor Bolivia.

The national director of INRA, Roberto Polo, had denied that this entity had approved the settlements in the areas where the fires occurred that have not been able to be suffocated to date.

For the director of the Tierra Foundation, Gonzalo Colque, the lands affected by the fire are precisely those that INRA has distributed since 2018, since 70 percent of the hectares burned are fiscal lands and of agricultural companies.

In this regard, the opposition National Unit, according to Erbol, lamented that the spokesmen of the Government speak of a post-fire plan in Chiquitania without first turning it off or having identified those responsible for the transfer of cocaleros and intercultural for the slash-and-burn that gave rise to the major Ecological disaster in Santa Cruz.

On the other hand, President Evo Morales promised that once all the fires in the Chiquitania region have been controlled, there will be an evaluation to identify those responsible and what were the oversights that caused the fire in the dry forests and part of the forest reserve.

• Fire uncovered land distribution for the intercultural

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