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Porvenir, without future

Pagina Siete reports, photo from the internet:

It has been 11 years since the violent and dark events of the Porvenir town were raised and Pando’s former Prefect, Leopoldo Fernández, remains deprived of his freedom. Until 2013 he was imprisoned in jail, and since then, for health reasons, remains in house arrest.

The events of Porvenir, where 13 people died, including peasants and autonomists, are absolutely condemnable, but so far it has not been clarified who has set the stage for the massacre. What is known is that the government organized the caravan of peasants to Cobija, where the autonomists had taken different institutions. The autonomists stepped out and the confrontation took place.

If Fernández has any responsibility, it must be political, so it cannot be justified that he has been imprisoned for 11 years. He was sentenced to 15 years in jail, but he asked for a review of his sentence, something that has not happened for 11 months. It is clear that there will be no justice for Fernández or other persecuted politicians while Evo Morales holds power in all the organs of the State.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: There are over 600 Bolivians that had to flee the country, due to political persecution. evo holds absolute control of ALL State powers and prevents justice to take place. Like the alleged terrorism case, this trial puts Leopoldo under serious stress, after such a long time in prison. Bolivia needs to shake out from this ochlocrat, evo is nothing more than an egocentric autocrat!