Bolivia, far from achieving food sovereignty

An excerpt from a report made by Manuel Filomeno for Pagina Siete:

Bolivia, far from achieving food sovereignty

According to the economist José Gabriel Espinoza, a distinction must be made between security and food sovereignty, concepts that in many cases are used interchangeably.

According to the expert, food security refers to the level of income that the country’s inhabitants count on to cover the family basket and to cover their food needs.

“This is a misleading indicator, because although there has been an increase in the income of families and they have been able to buy more food, this does not say anything about the quality of the same, as well as their nutritional content,” he added.

This term also says nothing about the origin of food consumed in homes.

On the other hand, food sovereignty refers to the capacity of a country to be able to cover the internal demand of food with its own production, said the expert. “For example, the government indicates that we only need to increase wheat production to be sovereign, but reality shows that we must improve the production of many other products,” he said.

According to Espinoza, Bolivia is well on the way to food security, however, the levels of food imports that were previously self-sufficient shows that we are far from sovereignty.

“If we are importing so much food, how can we guarantee food security and sovereignty, which are guidelines that are part of national strategic planning,” he said.

Bolivian Thoughts Opinion: This is another example of the semantics of this government, they manipulate information and try to appear as a sound government, which are certainly NOT!

This ochlocracy has immersed our nation in corruption and narcotrafficking, setting aside meritocracy and competitiveness. They managed to waste over $160 billion dollars over the last eleven years, where they had absolute control of ALL State powers. They governed under the best economic time ever in our history!

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