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Viral betrothal on top of Huayna Potosi

Gina Justiniano reports for El Deber:

Viral betrothal on top of Huayna Potosi

Camilo Rendón uploaded photos and videos of his declaration to Flavia Cruz that had 1,273 likes and were shared 449 times. They are getting married next year.

Camilo Rendón could not sleep. He was at 5,100 meters above sea level, camping, waiting for it to be one o’clock in the morning to ascend to the top of Huayna Potosi. He says it was because of the cold, but it is very possible that he was been eating by the cravings, he had everything planned to ask Flavia’s hand once they reached the peak of the snow, had even tried a brief speech, but at that moment the hot infusion and supper were spinning in his stomach.

The graphic designer (32) and the commercial engineer (27) are in love three years ago and share a taste for extreme sports. They have made sports climbs in Aranjuez, Huajchilla, they have launched to the adventure in paragliding and also they have been thrown of a bridge doing bungee jumping. Asking for Flavia Cruz’s hand could not happen in an ordinary place and climbing the Huayna Potosí seemed the perfect place.

“I planned it with my partner and a few more friends, I also encouraged the brothers of her, wanted them to be part of it, but without knowing anything. She was a little bad in the knee, but I convinced her to go, in total we were six people at 6,088 masl.”

The crossing

Each member of the adventure and romance event departed at 7:00 on Saturday, July 8. They found themselves in Sagárnaga street and there they received the indications of the guides, they measured the equipment (crampons to walk in the snow, the ice ax to hook, trousers and jacket apart from all their clothes and two pairs of gloves because at 5,700 meters, begins to freeze) and then they took a bus.

The bus took them to the Zongo lagoon, there they had lunch and left on foot to go up to the high camp where they arrived at 14:00, there is the refuge at 5,100 m. They camped, had tea, and dined. “We received the last indications and we go to bed early, at 20:00, but you can not sleep well because of the height.”

Camilo did not sleep well, at midnight he got the equipment and began to ascend at 1:20. He walked six and a half hours to the top, with Flavia, his future brothers-in-law, and his friends and accomplices. “As I walked, I was thinking about how I would ask for my hand,” he confesses, remembering that in pauses, every hour for hot infusion, he saw how the water bottles had frozen and the chocolate bars were hardened to the point that they looked like wood that he could hardly chew. The camp high temperature is -10° C and at the top reaches -19° C.

Once up they were admiring the landscape, the sky shone on dark sides and for others, the light had already taken the horizon. “When I had the opportunity I knelt and asked if she wanted to marry me.” Everything he had planned did not come out of his mouth, he was numb from cold or maybe … from nerves.

“I caught her by surprise, she looked at me frightened, but then she said yes.” Everything he thought to say and could not, he wrote on Facebook.

The declaration of love

“Today, at 6,088 meters high at the top of Huayna Potosi, I asked to marry me to the right person for me. Why the mountain? Because apart from that we both share a taste for adventure, trekking and climbing, I think the mountain shows everything a relationship must have: difficulties, the effort together, know how to stop and know how to continue, but above all, a common end that is to reach the top together. I love you Flavia Cruz, thank you for all the effort.”

With their frozen lips they kissed, and the guides and walkers gave them a piece of ice as cake.

Love or romantic act of madness, Camilo’s was an original statement. He does not consider himself a hardened romantic, but he says he always cares that the relationship be kept on.

The wedding will be a year, maybe in May and they are thinking that it will be in Santa Cruz, where they have relatives. The engagement proposal was at subzero temperatures and now they want a warm place to get married and start a new adventure.