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Rescuing anaconda of more than three meters in Trinidad

El Deber reports:

Rescuing anaconda of more than three meters in Trinidad

The snake was found in a neighborhood of that city. People wanted to kill it and officials managed to rescue her.

The official responsible for the project to support wildlife conservation of the Beni Governorate, Marco Antonio Greminger, reported on Thursday that the agency rescued an anaconda (Sicurí) of more than three meters in length, weighing more than 60 kilos, in the Villa Marín neighborhood, of the city of Trinidad.

“We received the call from a neighbor about this reptile been in the vicinity of the Villa Marin neighborhhod …, we arrived on time because people wanted to kill it,” he told reporters.

He said that people act that way, because they believes the anaconda is poisonous and attacks, but it is not so, rather they must be preserved because, he said, they help the ecological balance, because they eat rodents that can cause disease.

Anyone can call toll-free 800140270, to report illegal trafficking of animals or to rescue some species when necessary. In the case of this one, it will be returned to its habitat in the following hours.