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Bolivia to lose $26 million dollars for wood smuggling

El Diario reports:

ABT complaint

Bolivia to lose $26 million dollars for wood smuggling

• Illegal Peruvian traders would be entering up to 20 kilometers of our territory by 53 road points.

The Forest and Land Authority (ABT) denounced in a report that at least 2.6 million cubic meters (m3) of Bolivian timber equivalent to 26 million dollars are at risk of being lost to smugglers that enter from Peru to 20 kilometers to the interior of our territory by 53 road points.

Last week in La Paz, the VIII Meeting of the Bilateral Commission to Combat Contraband Bolivia – Peru was held.

One of the institutions that submitted reports on this crime was the ABT, represented by Marcelo Ruiz, the national chief of control and oversight of this instance.

“We are talking about products that are on the border line, which fulfill an environmental function, and in this case, there is also the crime of illegal exploitation,” Ruíz told EL DIARIO.

He also indicated that the smuggling of natural products, timber and non-timber, can not be treated as the offense of internment of appliances or other artificial products, so this meeting was requested to discuss the issue at a special table, where also problems that harm wildlife were addressed.

The expert points out that “the number of species and volume of timber that is being violated throughout the border by smugglers, which penetrate up to 20 kilometers to our territory, is about 2.6 million cubic meters of wood that are in risk of being withdrawn. “If we make an economic conversion, only having as a reference the price with which they (the smugglers) buy a tree, which is 10 dollars, we are talking about 26 million dollars,” he said.