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Chacaltaya shows fossils of prehistoric marine fauna

El Diario reports:

Chacaltaya shows fossils of prehistoric marine fauna

The reduction of the ice mass exposed a fossil deposit of prehistoric marine fauna from the Silurian period some 420 to 400 million years ago. Bolivian paleontologist Rubén Andrade of the National Museum of Natural History confirmed the existence of the paleontological deposit that was already made known in the early 1920s in a publication of the time.

He explained that the Chacaltaya, located about 30 kilometers from La Paz, was a snowy cap and one that lost its glacier that was more than 15 thousand years old, the investigations gave data referring to that its snow and ice would disappear near 2030, but were extinguished between 2009 and 2010 because of the accelerated process of global warming affecting the mountain ranges and snow-capped regions of the planet.

Andrade explained that as a retreating glacier, the rocks suffer “diaclases” or cracked by the “gelifaction” or by freezing the water contained in their cracks, fractures and pores.