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Businessmen call for greater security in Santa Cruz

El Diario reports:

Due to a delinquency wave

Businessmen call for greater security in Santa Cruz

• Police are not logistically prepared to deal with critical situations such as the violent heist in Eurochronos jewelry. Legislators demand urgent restructuring and equipping.

After the bloody assault on Eurochronos jewelry due to the confrontation of Brazilian criminals with police officers that left 5 dead and 7 wounded, Santa Cruz businessmen demanded greater security.

The Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz (Cainco), through a statement, said they will request a meeting with the authorities of the Ministry of Government and the National Police, in order to establish coordinated mechanisms to provide peace of mind to the citizens and companies and the Jewelery Association of Santa Cruz (Joyacruz) that have requested security mechanisms to the Bolivian Police.

On the other hand, the governor of Santa Cruz, Rubén Costas, demanded “trained policemen”. Meanwhile, parliamentarians said that the police are not logistically prepared to deal with critical situations such as the violent robbery at Eurochronos jewelry, nor do they have the material and implements they need for their work, according to parliamentarians. They demand an urgent restructuring and equipment endowment. For his part, the Minister of Government, Carlos Romero, said that the control of incoming foreigners should be improved.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: The increase in violent crimes, assassinations, robberies is nothing more that the result of increased narcotrafficking and other illegal activities that sprouted exponentially for the last eleven years.

Bolivia  resembles more and more to Somalia; due to the anarchical and demagogue government that permeated our societal structure. The coca grower caudillo has definitely other priorities