Repsol reports oil spill in Chuquisaca

Pagina Siete reports:

Repsol reports oil spill in Chuquisaca

According to the report of the governor of Chuquisaca, the leak would have affected two or three people living in the area of the accident.

The governor of Chuquisaca, Esteban Urquizu, reported yesterday [04/06/2017], that there was an oil spill in the community of Rosario del Ingre (Hernando Siles province) that affected at least three communities.

He sent technicians to the area to evaluate the damages and apply the sanctions that correspond.

Repsol confirmed, through a press release, that the spill occurred on April 1, due to natural causes, as heavy rains and landslides caused a rupture in the pipeline to Cerrillos.

The company report released last night, also indicates that the incident was “immediately controlled” even though the 1.47 cubic meter oil spill was found in the right-of-way area. “Shipments were suspended immediately and Containment of the spill, cleaning and recovery of the affected soil, which will be properly treated. ”

According to the press release, Repsol Bolivia sent a report to Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), which knew of this fact since it was known, and explains what happened and the actions that the company has adopted.

Governor Urquizu stated that after receiving the report from the Secretary of the Environment of the Government, work on the repair and a “downstream” inspection will be carried out.

“We were told that two or three communities are affected, but technicians are in place to say: how much is the affectation, how much does the pollution come in, and at what percentage is the pollution affecting?” Of the press in Sucre.

The Repsol communiqué states that after an inspection at the site of the spill “no impacts were detected to third parties or to crops. A tour of a stream in the area was also carried out and it was verified that there is no evidence of contamination”.

Starting with a “biased” response from Chuquisaca Governor, and after reading the whole news article, I can just say it was caused by mother nature … an accident that this politician tries to capitalize … wrong!

However, the evaluation must take into consideration maintenance of theist, that could have or not have prevented such damage in the pipeline …

Public servants must administer cautiously this type of news and not generate unnecessary conflict which will end up in “monetary claims” by those allegedly polluted. It is tricky business worldwide …

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