A rational wage increase is the best option for Bolivia!

Miguel Roca reports for El Deber:

IBCE suggests a rational wage increase

From the IBCE, they consider that an increase higher than the index of inflation would bring negative consequences in the companies and would affect labor stability.

Gary Rodriguez, general manager of the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), warned Wednesday [04/05/2017] that a salary increase that is not in line with the national economic reality will negatively impact the formal business sector and jeopardize labor stability.

The Government plans to meet with leaders of the Bolivian Workers’ Confederation (COB) to define the salary increase. The executive government said that the increase will be higher than the rate of inflation.

“An increase that is not close, under the concept of the reposition of purchasing power, can lead to three things: that the cost increase translates into a price increase in the market, that diminishes profits of the companies and they close, and ultimately reduce the source of jobs,” said Rodríguez.

From the IBCE they expressed their position and that the wage increase for year 2017 takes into account the inflation rate of last year (4.3%) and operates under the concept of reposition of purchasing power.


In addition, let’s not forget that current central government is freaked out about having to let go power, they continue to relentlessly push for the illegitimate re-re-re-reelction.

The government of the coca grower caudillo has been disagreeing with the leaders of the workers’ union and probably will tend to be in more amicable terms with them for the above reason … chances are that demagogue will win and a higher salary increase will be approved to win more support for this fading ochlocracy …

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