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Judges with grievous misconduct will be removed from office

Pagina Siete reports:

Judges with grievous misconduct will be removed from office

The Judicial Council announced that judges who have “grievous trials” will be removed from office and replaced by new graduates of the School of Judges.

“We are going to set aside, that is to say, to withdraw and thank for their services to those who have serious criminal proceedings in the country. There are judges who have been detained in custody and denounced for corruption and continue to function,” said the President of the Judiciary Council, Wilber Choque.

The judicial authority added that “more or less” 40 judges have “grievous” criminal cases in the country and another 150 have a formal indictment or disciplinary proceedings.


This cartoon from El Diario, depicts the seriousness of the lack of an independent Justice System in Bolivia, it has been compromised by the Executive power and is completely functional to the ruling party.

The coca grower caudillo, has relentlessly seized all other powers of the State, intends to remain in power for the fourth consecutive and illegitimate time.

A magistrate who no longer served the purposes of the ruling ochlocracy has been persecuted, damaging his human basic rights. The other is a lawyer who defended the “mistress” of the president in a trial where there are questionable corrupt acts and influence peddling inquiries.