Daily Archives: April 14, 2017

Alert when you buy gasoline: ANH instructs suppliers to include notice of debts on invoices

Hilton Heredia reports for El Deber:

ANH instructs suppliers to include notice of debts on invoices

Some users were surprised to see that on their bills appeared a notice of their tax debt to the municipality.

The National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) instructed all suppliers in the country to issue invoices for the purchase of fuel including the tax debt that the taxpayers of their vehicles owed to the municipality. In case you do not have debts the invoice comes out normal.

Some drivers were surprised this day, because in some cases the invoice included debts of Bs3,500, others of 120 and 150.

The councilman, Tito Sanjinés indicated that the rule of restrictions that prohibits fueling vehicles with outstanding tax debt is in force, but will only come into force in the coming months, because first a ‘period of awareness’ will be made for the owners of motorized ones that have one or more debts and that for that reason already it gave a ‘forgiveness’ in 2016.


Government at central and regional levels are “innovating” ways to secure tax revenues as sooner as possible …  lack of liquidity due to the falling prices on our exports and centralized use of them [85%], represented lower tax revenues and that are pushing to actions like this one.