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Three Camargo communities disappear because of floods

El Dia reports:

Three Camargo communities disappear because of floods

The authorities of the municipality have not yet been able to specify the number of families affected.

Camargo’s Mayor Valentín Cruz said on Friday that three communities in the 11 and 14 districts of that municipality had disappeared because of the floods and announced that affected families will be relocated to safer places.

“In Camargo, two, three small communities were lost in their integrity, these communities were located in the ravines and in places of difficult access, the water took them, once resigned, they will be relocated to other safer lands,” he said.

He pointed out that the affected communities are Qhoya Pampa, Quiray Huasi and Quirusilla, which belong to districts 11 and 14 of that municipality.

“We are in the task of relocating them,” he added, without specifying the number of families affected.

The mayor of Camargo clarified that the disappearance of these communities was recorded in the first quarter of this year.

He also clarified that natural phenomena did not affect the production of the different grape varieties of that region.


I just hope that the central government sends aid as soon as possible …