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Overwhelming evidence of criminal organizations in Bolivia despite delusional denials of central government

Pagina Siete reports:

Costas pleads for a Departmental Guard in the presence of “organized mafias” and cartels

What is the reason they do not let us do our own departmental guard? Asked the governor of Santa Cruz.

The governor of Santa Cruz, Rubén Costas, advocated the creation of a Departmental Guard that has a presence in the neighborhoods of Santa Cruz and contributes to the Police in the fight against crime and insecurity, in the context of the latest criminal events that were generated In that department, as the heist to the car of the security company Brinks.

According to the Government, there are organized mafias and “cartels” in the country, which make it necessary to take measures on security.

“There are organized mafias and cartels in #Bolivia, and today we are seeing it, we had warned it years ago and I won a trial for contempt (…) What is the reason that they do not let us do our own departmental guard? Help the police and be in the neighborhoods,” Costas wrote in his Twitter account.

On more than one occasion, the government minister, Carlos Romero, ruled out that in the country there are criminal cartels, despite different versions outside of Bolivia, who reported this information.

Less than a week ago, some 12 assailants intercepted the Brinks company car that went from the city of Santa Cruz to Puerto Quijarro on the Bioceanic highway, transferring more than $723,000 dollars, according to the latest information from the Government Minister, Carlos Romero.

Despite the fact that the criminals used military ammunition capable of traspassing the bullet-proof vests and guarded the police actions with drones and snipers, yesterday, incumbent President Álvaro García Linera ruled out that they are linked to organized crime groups.


It is incomprehensible the behavior of central government officials, to deny the presence of drug cartels and organized international crime inside Bolivia!

The leader of the coca growers who also functions as president of the country has too much to answer!