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‘Human Error’: The cause of horrific Bolivia bungee jump accident

News.com.au reports:

‘Human Error’: The cause of horrific bungee jump accident

A YOUNG woman on holiday in Bolivia has miraculously survived after she plunged 15m into the shallows of a riverbed when her bungee jump rope failed to brake and retract.

A video captures the terrifying moment she hit the water, followed by two of the bungee jump crew members rush to her assistance. [to watch the video, please use the link below]

Barely able to move on her own she was taken to a private clinic in Santa Cruz de la Sierra for treatment. She was discharged a few days later after only suffering minor injuries.

Prior to her jump, the video shows the bungee assistant making a final check and positioning the woman to dive off the La Negra bridge.

Director of the company, Oscar Sandoval, says the cause of the accident comes down to human error. He said it was the first time something like this to happened to the bungee company.


.., whose human error?!