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ABC attends emergency on roads with landslides

El Dia reports:


ABC attends emergency on roads with landslides

The regional manager of the Bolivian Highway Administration (ABC), María Flores, informed yesterday that all the emergencies that originated from the heavy rainfall of the last days were conjured opportunely.

“During the night of March 31 and at dawn on April 1, ABC Chuquisaca attended emergency from landslides and disturbances on the platform in the sections Padilla-El Salto, Monteagudo-Muyupampa and Muyupampa-Ipati, displacing personnel and emergency machinery,” told reporters.

Flores said that in the Leuquepampa sector, on the Padilla-El Salto highway, a collapse of proportions occurred on the night of March 31, which was attended by the Sinohydro company, with the cleaning of the fallen rocks.


Sinohydro was hired under still unclear circumstances … the ochlocracy ruling our country has yet too much to answer us!