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Bolivia: 2 Disabled Protesters Killed in a Demonstration

Associated Press reports for ABC News:

Bolivia: 2 Disabled Protesters Killed in a Demonstration

ABC NewsA drunk driver in Bolivia ran into a protest by people with disabilities, killing two of them, authorities said on Thursday.

Four other people were injured in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. The demonstrators have been protesting in wheelchairs and crutches since March 21 to demand a hike in annual government aid that now amounts to about $143.

They also staged protests near the presidential palace in the Bolivian capital and slept on a tent in the middle of an avenue in Cochabamba.

Police arrested a 21-year-old female driver and a passenger. The government said the driver crashed her car into a security barrier protecting the tents.

The group representing the demonstrators called for a national day of mourning and is holding a wake.

On Thursday, some protesters took the caskets of the victims to a private clinic in Cochabamba where President Evo Morales is recovering from knee surgery after tearing ligaments during a weekend soccer game.


Bolivian social networks were complaining about the government’s disdain and insult to people with disabilities, the “president” who mostly “plays” soccer, than governing, is now with diminished capacities, it was the first time in history that a Bolivian president placed fences around the streets that enter the main plaza and government palace … ?! to stop people with disabilities!

Will he be able to enter now, as he is? … we ironize …