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Chile dynamited the Silala to drain its waters to Calama

El Deber reports:

Chile dynamited the Silala to drain its waters to Calama

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.15.47 AMEL DEBER.- All flow reaches Calama in northern Chile. And concludes in that region because it was diverted as a result of dynamite use. Silala waters are springs that were artificially drained and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is expected to send a technical commission to verify the channels built many years ago.

Bolivia has six arguments and the strongest is that these waters were channeled with the aim of feeding areas in northern Chile. Deputy Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Alurralde said, “even though Chile has a slip of paper,” the Silala is not an international river.

“We are confident that the Silala is not an international river, and not enough to say they are springs, it is right that are drained springs that were constructed based on dynamite channels,” said Alurralde.

Chilean demand

Chile sued Bolivia by the waters of Silala. Requests the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to declare whether or not the resource is an international river. The prosecutor, Hector Arce, said the court notified the embassy of Bolivia in the Netherlands on aspects of the lawsuit filed by Santiago few days ago.

“That demand, this application, which is very short, 15 pages lpgn, has been brought to the Plurinational State of Bolivia and proceeded to the appointment of an agent, ie, a representative for the process,” explained Arce.

Yesterday, the agent Eduardo Rodriguez Veltzé arrived in La Paz on Sunday to meet with defense counsel fo the Silala, headed by President Evo Morales. The former president met with Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca and Deputy Foreign Minister Alurralde.