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Moody’s cuts outlook rating to negative for Bolivia

America Economia reports:

Moody’s cuts outlook rating to negative for Bolivia

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Moody’s lowered Bolivia’s rating outlook credit to negative from stable, persistent pressures on the balance of payment and tax, as a result of an increase in budget deficits and current account.

Moody’s kept the note for government bonds in Bolivia to ‘Ba3’.

“Unlike other sovereign issuers who face prices significantly lower of oil than in the past, the Bolivian authorities have not indicated that they consider introducing fiscal adjustment measures in response to falling tax revenues related to energy” the agency said in its report.

Moody’s noted in its report deficits of current account and fiscal 6.9% and 6.6% of GDP in 2015, respectively.


This is a complicated issue, that the ruling ochlocracy does not understand a bit!