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Melting Pot and Manq’a Bolivia proves it can be done!

Melting Pot Bolivia reports:

Learning to cook together for a better world”

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The MANQ’A Project (Aymara word meaning “food”), is an initiative of Melting Pot Bolivia created with the aim of improving the quality of life of the community in El Alto within the principles of gender equity, multiculturalism and food sovereignty.

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The MANQ’A project follows the philosophy of “Gustu School”, applying teaching – learning methods and models of 20% theory and 80% practical. Each school is also a dining room which aims to provide students with tools to develop a new gastronomic occupation, improve the nutrition of the people of the area through the appropriate use of local ingredients and improve family consumption habits.

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The schools train young people of El Alto from social and economically vulnerable segments, from 16 to 28 years of age, in gastronomy and additionally introducing concepts such as: entrepreneurship, nutrition, gender, ethics and values among others.

The MANQ’A Project works with a focus on community outreach in partnership with neighborhood councils, educational establishments and private sector to promote healthy eating habits and value the use of local products. It is also connected to food businesses adjacent to their schools to strengthen practices in hygiene, food handling and customer service.

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By the end of 2015, in partnership with ICCO Cooperation South America, MANQ’A Project will have 12 schools and over 900 graduated students. By 2017 is expected to have more than 3,000 young people trained.

Visit our website at manqa.org


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