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Validity of authorization to import products governed since July

ABI reports for Los Tiempos:

Validity of authorization to import products governed since July

Los TIemposDeputy Minister of Micro and Small Enterprises, Martin Bazurco announced yesterday that in July this year will take effect the Supreme Decree of prior import authorizations product.

“We have within 60 days to leave the regulations and implement,” he said and said there must be socialization.

“It is also important that people who are importing know the rules to be met,” he told the media.

He recalled that on May 1, President Evo Morales promulgated this rule, which states that the Ministry of Productive Development, through the Vice Ministry of Domestic Trade and Exports, granted prior to import products as a measure to protect domestic industry authorizations. The rule applies to imports of textile, leather footwear and wooden furniture, among others.

“This is a measure that will allow us to delay the import process, today crosses will purchase any border and makes its importation into the country without any limitation. From the decree, authorization is required,” he said.

Bazurco said that according to the decree, importers must apply for authorization in 60 working days.

“We are starting to work other measures that are labeling for textiles and to allow us to protect the domestic market especially technical barriers”, complemented.


This ochlocracy fails to understand the market is a very fast, agile, dynamic being …. this “measures” cause more harm than good to legal importers.

If the government wants to boost and protect national industry, they should fight smuggling!