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MAS bets on turmoil to stay in government!

Grimaldes reports in El Deber:

Protests affect much of Bolivia

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 6.53.09 AM

Heavy-load transport, factory workers dismissed from the Enatex textile company, people with disabilities, people of Guayaramerín and cement Fancesa owners are mobilized.

The sectors of heavy-load transport, people with disabilities, owners of the National Cement Factory in Sucre, residents of Guayaramerín, residents of El Alto, factory workers and residents of some municipalities are mobilized in at least six departments of the country to demand the Government to solve their problems.

Heavy haulers blocked yesterday for a second day, roads in Chuquisaca, El Alto, Tarija, Potosi and Santa Cruz in rejection of the tax system and the draft law amending the Tax Code.

The sector closed roads roads to the north and Camiri in Santa Cruz; in Tarija they blockaded in El Portillo, La Pintada, Falda de Queñua and the road to the Chaco.

In Chuquisaca, blockading points are Santa Catalina, road to Ravelo; Yotala, road to Potosí; La Palma, to Cochabamba, and Yamparáez road to Camiri. In addition blockages in Potosi, on the road to Tarija and Oruro, en route to Potosi were reported.

In Santa Cruz there were also protests from the mayors of municipalities administered by MAS, the Government claiming the allocation of resources corresponding to IDH [mainly natural gas export tax].

In Cochabamba, people with disabilities blocked the Blanco Galindo Avenue and threatened to immolate themselves.


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.05.27 AMAnother news article, in Spanish can be read using the link below:


Bottom line is that current chaos, anarchy in Bolivia, is fed by the ruling party in government. They want to create the conditions to say that Bolivia is under peril and therefore should remain under the leadership of the coca grower…

This guy, is now making sign the army forces an “anthem” that praises him… so much for democracy, we are now entering openly that ruling of a dictator!