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Quispe admits meetings with US to work on a political project for 2019

ABI reports in hoybolivia.com:

Quispe admits meetings with US to work on a political project for 2019

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.11.49 PMThe deputy of the opposition National Unity (UN), Rafael Quispe admitted this Tuesday of holding meetings with the US Embassy to work a political project ahead of the general elections of 2019.

In an interview with Radio Fides, he explained that at those meetings the current leaders of the opposition do not participate: Jorge Tuto Quiroga and Samuel Doria Medina, because in his opinion “are not a political option” for the country.

“Yes we have met with the US Embassy, but not with Tuto, not Samuel, because for the Embassy (US) and the country Tuto and Samuel are not political option, so is our political project, it is political option” he said.

He said that in this political project, a group of “indigenous and mestizos” are involved and informed that also he met with other embassies, in order to reaffirm bilateral relations.

“We have met with several embassies, including the embassy of Cuba, Venezuela and want to give an answer to the country”, he endorsed.

Quispe denied that these meetings will seek funding for the political project. ABI


I believe it is very important to think about reconstructing our country, after the debacle of demagogue, ochlocracy and $150 billion dollars wasted by the coca grower caudillo, about time!

We need to move forward, the socialist, populist charade that invaded Latin America is on its way out! Let’s rebuild our nation!