April 2023

Humberto Vacaflor: “Bolivians have grown tired of the stupidity of the masistas.” If in doubt, check here. Numbers don’t lie, look them over here “Los bolivianos se han cansado de la estupidez de los masistas.” Duda? Verifique aquí Los números no mienten, véalo aquí

Central government denies reality – Gobierno central niega la realidad

Editorial, El Deber: Clean up the economy Time passes and cycles run out. The worst thing is to cling to what was without accepting that reality is now different. Eleven years ago, in 2014, the Bolivian economy was buoyant, revenues from gas exports poured in non-stop, and government spokesmen claimed that the economic model was…

Delicate economic context in Bolivia | Delicado contexto económico en Bolivia

Editorial, Página Siete: The country is going through a delicate economic situation that is reflected in the precipitous drop in the international reserves of the Central Bank of Bolivia, in the disproportionate increase in the cost of importing fuel and in the search for dollars through an exchange rate differentiated for exporters, among other measures….