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Delusional Chilean gov trying to steal Bolivian water

AP reports in Metro News, Calgary:

Chile sues Bolivia at UN court over water dispute

Litoral mapSANTIAGO, Chile — Chilean President Michelle Bachelet says that her government has sued Bolivia over a water dispute at the International Court of Justice.
Bolivian President Evo Morales said earlier this year that his country would sue Chile in the Netherlands-based court seeking to force it to pay compensation for using the Silala river in a border region.
On Monday, Bachelet said that Bolivia is claiming ownership over shared water resources and that the Silala flows into Chile by the law of gravity. She says Bolivia has long recognized the Silala as an international river.
In 2013, landlocked Bolivia asked the international court to order Chile to negotiate over Bolivia’s claim for access to the Pacific. The case is being heard by the court, whose rulings are final and binding.


This article FAILS to acknowledge this well-documented facts:

Bolivia was forced to sign the 1904 “treaty” which was really an imposition by threat of a military invasion .

Bolivia agreed to allow the use of the Silala water for the only purpose to serve the train service between the two countries and also as a result of that “treaty”

Chilean president is delusional when she refers to the gravity law. She has clearly lied as the Silala water goes firm hill in a man-made channel. Therefore, it was forced to go downhill.

Chile is fighting back as they envision they will lose the sovereign claim that is under dispute in The Hague.

But they forgot a huge fact: by doing this claim, they are de facto acknowledging the validity of The Hague ruling! Which they were adamantly trying to demean.