Illegal trade in timber is unstoppable

A sad but true Editorial from El Diario:

Illegal trade in timber is unstoppable

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 9.32.44 AMThe felling of trees in forests and jungles of the country goes back many decades; but in recent times this type of drain to our timber wealth grew, no one put a stop to the action of irresponsible people who, even without the necessary authorizations, destroyed large areas of forests that contain rich woods and whose most part has disappeared. Recently, it was reported that Tarija has been one of the victims of predators who venture to rich forest areas and cut all types of wood.

Many times in the past few decades, every government announced measures against the loggers of forests that indiscriminately destroyed regions, then, they are not reforested and are no sucker for immediate posterity. Called timber industries using machinery and often without authorization, destroy forests and valleys headers that contain lots of logs with rich woods that are then exported, usually by way of smuggling; the production of consuming the cities; but mostly it is exported, either legal or illegal.

The case of the forests of the Yungas, Chapare and other regions where coca is grown, is pathetic because it has been destroyed many plantations-including fruit trees, coffee, spices, etc. to allocate land to the cultivation of the leaf coca destined for the manufacture of drugs. For the “peasants and farmers” -by themselves- explanation is that it is better to grow coca because it yields more profits; instead of fruits, vegetables, coffee, spices, tubers, etc. which do not give the utilities needed to live. This is a reality that has spread from La Paz to Cochabamba and the coca grown and decreasing the amount of logs, rich woods and, of course, the production of food items.

Burning forests, destroying orchards, reforestation or not replace felled trees is the policy of those who are in the business of timber. According to the authorities and laws, there is an obligation to replace every tree that is felled, with ten seedlings at least; but illegal loggers and traders of wood do not replace any tree and even all of which can serve as “humus” or as fertilizer of the land, they destroy it.

Thus, there is no authority to put a stop to the abuse and continue, unstoppable, destroying forests seriously attacking the environment and against the plant and forest wealth of the country, such as the Madidi region, where burnings are by permanent interest of traffickers that has no notion of caring for the earth and all that belongs to the country; for them, what matters is financial profit.

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