Daily Archives: December 14, 2015

Do we really care about the environment?

The anthropocene has set foot and we are still debating and assuming demagogue positions… this cartoon from Los Tiempos makes a great point:


The kid says: “hey Nicola, the “extractivism” doesn’t go against Mother Nature?”

Nicola, the dog, replies: “it depends kid, from the mouth of a capitalist is a crime against Mother Nature [pachamama], but in the mouth of a socialist is a necessity towards development”

So, it is pretty much like what the masismo is doing in Bolivia, intends to extract hydrocarbons inside national parks and indigenous land….

This ochlocracy has pissed away $150 billion dollars, blaming the “empire” for the “creation of national parks” … they self-appointed as the guardians of Mother Nature are just doing the opposite!