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In the words of the Vice

Editorial from Pagina Siete:

In the words of the Vice

Some of our columnists commented that when someone is speaking for long hours every day in the media, it is very easy to make mistakes. And also excess. The Vice-President Álvaro García Linera, that has been given to the task of proselytizing the  Yes while delivering works throughout the country, has been the talk of the media and social networks by some phrases that remain in the memory.
Expressions such as “the Sun will be hidden and the moon will flee” if [they] do not win or if the NO wins, on the ballot in 2019 there will no longer be Evo but “pure q’aras [demeanig word for non indigenous people, a racist comment], the ones who just sell our homelands”, are not only intended to feed a propaganda strategy of dubious effectiveness, which is to infuse fear in unsuspecting voters, but one that surprises by the clear lack of respect to the common sense and the intelligence of the people.
This period that apparently will be long and heavy for the citizens, because we will have to submit patiently to long speeches of a proselytizing without end, should at least cause some compassion on the part of the contenders, as our Vice: that we should be respected, that we should be talked with common sense, which is to say something new and purposeful, those.should be the requirements for those who have appropriated the media.