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One more time for the Nobel Peace Prize, Don Evo?

Carlos Valverde writes in El Deber:

One more time for the Nobel Peace Prize, Don Evo?

Carlos ValverdeMany probably do not know that Don Evo Morales was suggested for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 and 1995 by the Drugs Peace Institute. That did not prosper, but not discarded the ‘Indian leader’ for such a prize. In 2007, Adolfo Perez Esquivel officially proposed and was not honored; since his name was repeated in 2008 and in 2010 postulated by the same Perez Esquivel as “an example for the continent” a “transformation based on social participation and without resorting to violence.”

Those who follow the political and trade union activities of Mr. Evo, know that this has not exactly been a pacifist; the Andrade husbands, booby bombs causing police deaths in Chapare, violence and the deaths of his Government did not show him as a man of peace, and the slaughter of Las Americas and Chaparina question the ‘pacifist’ propaganda, but that’s in Bolivia; the world is seen differently. In his recent and opportunistic visit to Ireland, Morales pledged his efforts to clarify the murder of Michael Dwyer at Las Americas. I held the day of the visit, that Evo sought to reposition himself in the nomination for the Nobel and some went further, arguing that what he wanted was “avoiding proceedings at the International Criminal Court.”

To reach 2, is better to go through 1, I mean. An alleged ‘criminal trial’ to the president is far away, it has not been known to have begun proceedings in any international, European or The Hague Court, and given, surely this would take place in about six or seven years, while the ‘wise crack’ of Morales may well look towards getting an award, to achieve not only the goal of being one of the ‘chosen’ in the world and almost an ambassador for life peace, but that such a situation would facilitate to avoid a trial in The Hague for criminal offenses, given that the Nobel is a kind of ‘guarantee of good behavior’, which is best to seek the Nobel now to avoid a likely undated trial. If the investigation is successful, it is not important to Morales; he took the initiative to be in the country of one of those killed, it gives pros to him and rebuilt (if there ever was in question there) his international image.