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What countries require visas to Bolivians?

hoybolivia.com reports:

What countries require visas to Bolivians?

The Bolivian passport is the one that needs the most visas to enter other countries. Only 25 destinations are accessible without it and another 33 give it upon arrival.

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Most countries require a visa to enter for a few days as a tourist or even to stay for a few hours in transit to another place.

Countries that have more facilities to enter other are the US and the UK, which have free entry in 147 nations. In the region, Argentines lead, with their passport, can enter without further requirements to 129 countries. Followed by Brazil (128) and Chile (124).

Colombia has recently reached an agreement with the European Union and, since December 3, Colombians can travel carrying only their passport to 26 European countries.

Bolivia far behind on the list and can only enter 25 countries without visa application, in other 33 is granted upon arrival. [back in 1996, when I lived in Europe for half a year, the situation was different, Bolivians had access to most countries without visa requirements]

Check the map of the top of the note to know which countries you can visit without this document. Those in red do demand it, countries in yellow, give you visas when you arrive and green countries allow Bolivians to come in, for a specified period of time without visa.

If you are planning year-end holidays, take this into account and consult with the consulate of the country you’re traveling, how many days without a visa can be or how you should deal with it.

(With VisaHQ data, Passport Index and Wikipedia).


The graphic shows the USA and other countries in white… and does not give an explanation, we know that to go into the USA, a visa is required.